Visions and muses.

poemMy next book due to be released: Dialogue between Ghost and Girl is shaping up nicely. This book of poetry is a series of poems I have written through the course of 2014. Each poem is a different perspective view of conversations I have with my muses—there are voices of many—their stories are indeed fascinating and ought to be celebrated.

Some poetry is as well based on my personal feelings and encounters with a ghost (whom which I had named the book after.) As a paranormal enthusiast … I am rather excited for this release and hope that my readers can get in touch with their own personal ghosts after reading.

As a poet; my truest hope is that someone takes something from one of my works and feels absolutely inspired.

I have had similar feelings with the Ballad of reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde. Its memories are still with me today in forms of visions that sometimes pay me a visit; I visit with them for a little while and then go back to my own. I can only hope to reach that level with my readers and will try hard until I do.

What keeps me motivated? Having a set goal is the perfect answer to something you are trying to achieve. Positive thinking as well as continually working towards something will always produce desired results.

What do the muses say to you?


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