Images have something to say.


Yesterday I talked a little bit about muses so today I will touch on inspirations. I have this never-ending love for nature and its beauty. I could browse through landscapes all day and never tire of the views. It is in these different areas of the world (no matter how big or small) that I see something that really sparks my imagination.

A lot of the time, my landscapes in my novels touch base with something I have seen in person. In these recent years however, I have been browsing through different selections of photography over the internet and this is also inspiring. An image can sell the mind a thousand words, and in those words we can truly learn a lot of things (even about ourselves.)

As I have matured as an author; one of the things I have learned the most was how to interpret these visions and feelings into something more than just a silent feeling.

Haven’t you ever taken a look at something and experienced a raging overflow of scenes, and voices, and even faces?

I remember being about 6 years old, and I had watched some show on the television. The images depicted trees and secret meeting places and so I thought about the big willow tree in our back yard. Once the show ended, I walked back there and in my mind I could see this tree having a secret door that if I entered it, I would step into a new dimension where time ceased to exist. I had spent time with that tree for hours actually searching for that very door and though it obviously wasn’t there, my mind enjoyed the thought of it.

As authors we take that sort of situation and we place it into a story and hope that you too will walk out to that willow and search for your door. It may not be physically attached but if you look within, you will find it.


4 thoughts on “Images have something to say.

  1. Growing up in Alaska, nature has always been a large part of my inner workings. I appreciate a post regarding nature and the magic in it. I also love the beautiful header picture… definitely hits a chord with me. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Here in the south of France, on the Mediterranean, the landscape is stunning. There are olive, fig and so many other trees but for me, most of all is the sea! Nice post. Images are filled with stories if we keep our ears and eyes open. 🙂

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts. Léa

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