The monster inside procrastination.


Writers, there is a monster that visits us day after day, and its name is procrastination. It exists to take our momentum and chew on it, swallow it, and then spit it back out into a sea of doubt and lost dreams. We have got to take a stance against this monster now before it completely consumes us or else!

The first step towards procrastination is social media. Though Twitter, and Facebook (and the like) are extraordinary tools, they are also big excuses to prevent us from actually being productive. Social media can fester like a very bad addiction and beckon our veins to scream for more. The internet becomes our dealer and like junkies, we inject.

I am just as guilty as the next guy with getting too preoccupied in Facebook, especially its groups. I do volunteer time elsewhere, but my problem is that I don’t know when to make time for my own personal works.

Over time I began to push my personal work aside and while I did that, I nearly forgot my focus. Recently I have since found ways to gather control over this and in that; I would like to extend a helping hand to those of you who many need it.

My first step was to shut off everything that became an excuse to procrastinate. Once day I pulled the Ethernet cord out of the back of my computer tower, and wrote offline. My success was great as I had again found my momentum. It was admittedly hard at first … I had become used to constantly checking for updates and the like so this routine had to be overcome. I asked myself this; “What do you want? To be an active author? Or, to be consumed by social media?”

Once I made this very easy choice, it opened that door to making changes I needed to make.

Now that I have sight of what it is I want, I work hard at maintaining the momentum I have learned to get back. I do this first by telling myself not to look back. Keep in mind, I am not saying this is easy … Once we do procrastinate; it is hard to break that cycle. Like anything we want something bad enough in life, you have to actually work at it.

You may notice that you will have days where you just aren’t up to writing in the novel you are working on, or a poem and that is also okay. Bloggers, we instead blog, and try to write productively on a daily basis. This practice keeps our minds sharp and the words constantly coming. Not only is reading essential for an author, but so is writing … it doesn’t hurt to blog, and if that isn’t your cup of tea, keep a personal diary.

In those off days where you are just writing whatever, you just might cross something within your mind that awakens ideas that you have been in search of. We keep so much buried now; unlocking what is within will be a gift that will keep pulling out more, and even more!


Now that you are ready to really sail that procrastination ship deep into the abyss, you are ready to achieve and succeed. When you finally can say this and mean it … you ought to celebrate. Getting here is never easy, and it takes as much work as it does to quit smoking or drinking. Addictions are equal in their hold upon us—using social media instead of writing is really no different except that it isn’t being put into your body.

When you feel like you may fall back into it; pick up a book, a pen, a paintbrush … Go for a walk, and clear your mind. Tell that pesky voice of procrastination that you will not be beholden to it and that it can take a flying leap! Send that demon straight back into the darkness that it crawled out of and be proud of yourself that you had!

Besides … who needs the monster pulling us away from the pen when we could take that very same pen and pull those monsters back from whence they came.


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