Talking in heads.


Friday has come upon us! Delightfully we welcome the day and cheerfully pass through the motions of the work-force pains and smile knowing that once you clock out … it’s downtime until Monday morning. I am certain most of you feel that way, or at least have some reason to celebrate this day. Isn’t that the same feeling you begin to have when you have reached the end of a project you have been working on?

I am in the final motions with my book of poems, and though I am excited, I am also sad. Once I completely finish, I will say goodbye to those familiar voices and move on in life (though not fully!)

I mourn my characters when they must go. There is a place I built just to let them visit from time to time simply because I hate to wallow in a grievance—maybe you find this silly. They are our people; they have become some form of ourselves that come and go and while you lose a little of yourself … you mourn it!

People who know me are always asking me how I can possibly write in the depth that I do because I am typically a very happy person with a normal childhood. That’s just it … You don’t need the scary abusive past to render a natural-born gift. I was blessed with artistic talents and through the motions of feelings and emotion in life; I have learned how to relay it onto paper. In part of that; the emotion of mourning and loss through my characters gives me that angle in which I can use productively in my work.

Every artist certainly does sew a piece of themselves into everything they do, and by that; when you read about a character experiencing all of that pain, you better believe that the artist also experienced it.

I remember writing a chapter in a recent novel; my lead guy just discovered his wife had passed away and falls into a sadness and mourning. As I am writing these events, I begin crying and mourning her death with him. The intensity of it was so real that I could barely sort out what is real and what isn’t. Certainly, when I am not working on a novel, these things don’t happen to me, but I do get visits from a muse sometimes.

It is lovely, and in passing – then I archive the visit, and it blooms into a poem, or a story, or even an illustration. Anywhoo … this is my way of saying I am not so happy this Friday to see this book end, however, I am pleased to introduce them to you, dear readers.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy this musical wonder:


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