The romance of authoring a novel.

brtAs these days unwind; the visuals of my next novel-to-be unravels with them. There is a specific romance to this groundbreaking discovery that I had always wanted to share with others. Have you ever wanted to jar those feelings from the moment you fall in love—that overwhelming sensation which carries you away to the stars and caresses all of your dreams and takes everything away kind of feeling. A fury of intense emotion will come and overtake you from head to toe and blind you from everything logical within a moment’s notice. That is the romance of imagining a novel-to-be, only, amplify it and intensify it and now … remember to breathe through it because it’s running at a thousand miles per hour and you must do your best to keep up.

When fireworks are going off however; you must retain the ability to look in the direction where you can see this story unfold or else you may become distracted. That distraction will walk you into a field of confusion and within that field many things should rise. They are shiny blips of neon light that spell out anything but where you ought to be concentrated. Life occurs, yes. Situations commence and people ramble and try to kidnap you from your path and it becomes a battle to the bloody end. That’s why Dictaphones and notepads exist and the MS Office app. don’t be afraid to use them.

When you get into a steady flow, the pathways open up and it’s up to you where you’ll direct the audience. It’s like walking in space on a transparent bridge that leads you from one end of the spectrum to the other and it is your job to relay these visions to the rest of the world. The space is a product of your mind that is seeping out of the top of your head. There are people there, cities, buildings, nature, gods, devils, angels, and everything you could ever dream of.

The shadows shift around you; bodies in motion walking a path of their own traveling back and forth assigned in their own motions among the commotion. You barely blink your eyes because you are otherwise preoccupied in your own destination. Friends become strangers and strangers become a backdrop and before long … you’re alone in a newly constructed universe. Dreams are made of this, and it is your duty to manufacture those dreams into the books you intended them to be. You go back and you revise, and re-imagine, and re-edit to the point of exhaustion, but you are driven by a passion so few understand or know how to handle. What you do not do is give up. If you give up, then you trade in your dreams for a sorrowful nothing and all of that effort will be lost.

Romance of any kind certainly comes with its share of love as well as pain. It’s a poetic whim of seduction that can last forever if you allow it to. Authoring a novel is much the same with a sense of poetic seduction included; however, should you ignore it when it finally meets you, you just may never find it again.


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