The haunting of Bushnell Cemetery

fogow       The back roads of central New York are quite known for their charm and persuasion of your heart as you enjoy the beauty and tranquility on an afternoon drive. Each road seems as though it reaches long into the before joining the next and Eddy road is no exception. Butting up to NY Route 31; Eddy road hides nestled in full grown maples and pines and resides contently in the town of Sullivan. Only 7 houses remain on the small farmer’s road that meets up on the other side into Waterbury.

On the Western side of the road an overgrown array of greens and trees play cover to an old foundation and an abandoned cemetery. The foundation was said to be the original location of Oneida Lake’s Presbyterian Church which now sits along Route 31 just 100 feet from the mouth of Eddy road.

This little known location is the home of Bushnell Cemetery that houses the existing stones of 26 cadavers with an earliest date of 1815 (belonging to Leonard Foster) and the latest date of 1911 (belonging to Martha A. Patterson Hopper.)

Every so often teenagers and hikers pass through the location usually rarely stopping long enough to pay their respects, though few have chosen to rest a few moments from time to time within the old abandoned cemetery. On one occasion a photographer had wandered in to take a few random shots from the Eddy road entrance.

As the photographer worked at gaining normal function of the digital camera, he reported several noises chiming in behind him that seemed rather ethereal and ineligible. He continued with his task until finally the noises, and the camera malfunction caused him to leave the location in a whim of fear.

On another instance, a few teenaged kids had gone into the area in a small group and a few of them began hearing the similar noises arise from unknown locations. Unlike the photographer; the kids had stuck it out until finally walking away when someone in the group had suggested to having seen something moving in the woods.

Other visitors throughout the years had surfaced talking about the mysterious noises and shifting shadows. Some reports even discussed the sighting of what appeared to be a lost girl with long unkempt hair just within the forest trees. When approached; the girl seemed to ‘disappear’ according to witnesses.

One resident of Eddy road had even reported unusual activity with the area behind his home and had one early morning as well spotted a young woman (aged 17 or thereabouts) with long unkempt hair, and dressed in a romantic era white gown that looked rough and torn.

Among the sightings; another description of a colonial period male was described to be following an aimless path along the natural trail that passes through the cemetery. He was often described as ‘quite tall’ and ‘with a mess of hair’ and dressed in a tuxedo that seemed to hang off of him. Though several witnesses have seen this man, each and every one explained that the mysterious apparition didn’t seem to see them or make notice to their presence.

Many have wondered the identity of either apparition and though no existing records can tell us that answer, most are convinced that the woman is Emma Petrie who died at the very young age of 23 years, and the man as the soul belonging to the unmarked headstone just next to her.

Why are these two spectres at such unrest, and why do they seem to stay rather close to the abandoned Bushnell cemetery? Sadly, we may never really know the answers to those questions but perhaps we could go pay the cemetery a visit and offer our condolences to the long since deceased whom inherit that little section of the earth.


2 thoughts on “The haunting of Bushnell Cemetery

    • Michelle, I am glad that you enjoyed this piece. If you do go for a visit, be prepared to walk through the forest a little bit to reach it, but it’s well worth it!

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