Halona III

windy-roadShe ran through the field as fast as her feet would allow her in an attempt to make a great distance between them. She outstretched her arms and felt the rush of panic race through her. A lump gathered at the base of her throat while the tears steadily ran down her cheek. She could feel her heart pounding so hard against her chest that she feared it would burst inside of her. Thump … thump … thump … The weeds and other growth only appeared to grow thicker, almost like a wall to stop her from going much further. Not much further sat a road and she knew that if she could at least make it to that road, she would be able to gain a larger distance even yet.

The struggle to make it to that road it began to overcome her. She took much larger steps to get past the moss and muddy surface filled with cat tails, milkweed, wildflowers and endless seas of straw. She threw her weeping face into her hands in frustration yet denied her frail soul the pleasure of giving up.

The cover of nimbostratus clouds produced distant rumbles of thunder and random strikes of lightening. A torrential downpour would soon follow—she huffed out a large breath, and then stepped larger steps until clearing the last hurdle of earth’s mess.

With a bit of a difficult struggle, she finally spilled out onto the desolate road. She brought her hands beneath her face that dangled inches above the tar while gasping for air. The short repose was needed, though she immediately struggled to her feet. This should be Ender’s pass she looked in either direction and towards where she remembered the Stanley’s home sat. To her dismay, the home and nothing else she could remember seemed to be where it ought to. Somehow this part of the earth seemed different, and she didn’t recognize a thing.

There was a strange light that lit the surrounding field on either end of her but above her; the sky was so black that nary a star was visible. Perhaps the storm has me disoriented she turned towards the field she spilled out of and wondered if her house was still on the furthermost end beyond the river where she’d left the stranger named Ed.

As she took a step back towards the field, she noticed that the gap between the road and the field had sunken so much deeper that she imagined falling in and never getting back out. Where am I the panic dazzled her receptors. She turned to her right and looked down that stretch of road, and then her left. Either direction looked visibly identical as did the field at each edge beyond the deep gap.

She looked back towards the direction she believed she’d come from. “No…” she shook her head, and looked behind herself. “Which way”—she stepped into the middle of the road and stood completely still often looking in the other direction—“how could I not know which way I came in?” This sea of unimaginable doubt had begun to flood in from all directions. She could feel her body quiver and shake and as she rubbed her hand across her lower arm, she came to realize there didn’t seem to be any wind, or even warmth or coolness either. There was also no distant or close sound … just a strange light off in either field. I must be in shock she considered.

As she wrapped her arms around herself, she thought of the reoccurring dream that has come to her for the last few months:

541608070_09f58d7a69_bThere was this empty building filled with empty abandoned rooms of debris, broken mirrors and furniture. The corridors were long stretched with flickering lights and locked doors. The floor consisted of filthy concrete that looked like a million variations of scum and life threatening microbes. In the center-most part of the building sat a black pool of water that seemed to have something like a serpent swimming around in it. The walls oozed with the same thick black watery element. Parts of mirrors had smeared blood on them and one of them even had a hand print.

No matter what part of the building she had traveled, it had all looked exactly the same. The furniture was always in the same position as was the broken glass and even oozing black. The pattern from the scum and microbes on the floor was as well always the same.

During one of the dreams, she decided to travel towards the pool from the westernmost corridor and wound up walking into someone who stood there quietly looking back at her. He was as mysterious as the building and only stood as still as a statue. She couldn’t make out his face but could sense calmness about him. Something about him made her believe he could help her navigate her way out of the confusion of the building.

She looked back to either end of the road and thought about Ed. Maybe he could help her find her way out of this road. With that in mind, she began walking in the direction that felt right and could only hope that she was going the right way.


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