Halona IV

Screenshot_1A real struggle began at the back of her mind as her feet nearly flattened beneath her. The similarities of either direction convinced her that she’d remain lost forever until the air depleted her lungs. It was a depressing thought that announced its presence at every restless chance it could. There seems to be no escape she considered as she finally sat down on the pavement of the winding road. The blackness of night was fast approaching, as was the end of her physical energy. She lie down on her back and stared up at the conundrum in the sky. There were stars in surrealistic shapes moving rapidly to the rhythm of the music in her mind.

Then, she remembered the day she’d visited the cemetery with nothing but a lunch box full of empty calories and a soda pop. On her ears, a cheap headset that pumped out mediocre death metal that sold commonly for $1.99 at your local drug store just below the section of Ozzy Osbourne cassettes. The tragedy of ‘Deicide’ condensed her hearing as she sat at the foot of Edward Parson’s final resting place. The epitaph read “Rest is thine and sweet remembrance ours.” She carefully enjoyed a Marlboro while observing the schoolboys down the hill from her. Both were well known football jocks that sometimes crossed through the boneyard to sneak a hit off a joint and a healthy swing from a flask. She didn’t care too much about either but found their idiocy rather amusing to observe quietly from afar. The taller brown haired one kept waving his arms around in conversation while stepping sloppily around the little space he occupied. His partner, a medium sized red head kept nodding in a lame attempt to acknowledge the idiot and his words and continually sipped from their flask. Neither looked like they knew their heads from the hole in their ass but the amusement was worthy of her time spent on them.

Bored from the little blunder, she pressed down on the stop button of the Walkman and butted the smoke. Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder. “Hello?” she questioned as she turned her head quickly towards her side to capture a glimpse of whoever had pressed their fingers against her shoulder. The earth behind her sat as empty and silent as it was when she had crossed through the rough trees to enter the cemetery.

She stood from the grasses of Edward Parson’s grave and brushed her backside off while circling her eyes around the area. She considered that perhaps it was a muscle spasm of some such and just as she turned her head; she felt a gentle tapping upon her shoulder again.

In a quick reaction, she placed her hand against the section of her shoulder and then looked around herself “hello?” she questioned again.

The fools down the hill interrupted her silence in their laughter; she turned her head towards them to observe that they were still goofing off with another. Who is touching me she then stepped off of the area of the grave she’d been resting upon and circled around it while investigating the immediate area for any sign of life.

She turned her head again quickly to look behind the headstone; in a glimpse she noticed a dark male figure to her left. That can’t be she turned towards him and observed his appearance. He was cloaked in a frock and an old gentleman’s hat. He seemed nearly out of place with his stern facial expression peeking through a messy beard with bright blue eyes that reached out past his rough visage. “Hello?” she stepped towards him slowly. He didn’t seem too interested in responding to her and kept stepping through the rows of grave markers.

A small gust of wind kicked up behind her; causing her to turn in that direction briefly. She watched a moment as some straggling deep red leaves circled just above the ground until falling peacefully back into place.

She turned back towards the mysterious man to discover that he was no longer in sight.

She considered that maybe he wasn’t there to begin with and that perhaps she was exhausted from weeks of grueling study and gathered the rest of her things and left the location of Edward Parson’s grave.

Maybe I am dreaming she pulled herself up from the pavement of the open road and stood to her feet. Nothing much had since transmogrified and so she brushed herself off and ignored the niggling pain at the bottoms of her feet.

“Edward!” her voice stretched across the length of the road. “Ed?” she continued. He has to be out here somewhere she turned, and then turned even more.

She sucked in a gasping heap of air, and then walked in the direction she had been before her repose. She thought about Marlboros and even vanilla milkshakes. Everything is peachy with a smooth nilla shake from BK she heard her mind ramble. Nilla and a Marb, that’s the ticket.

Again, her mind travelled as she listened to the lonely tapping of her feet against the road …

“I had this incredible realization that somehow I am not coming out of this room until you kiss me”—Darius swung his arm back, closing the door behind him—“so you have no choice, the pay is a kiss.”

“Or a kick to your nuts!” She jokingly replied.

“You wouldn’t …” He covered his crotch with one hand in case.

She’d had an ongoing crush on Darius for months, but never would dare tell him and she wasn’t about to this time, either. “Don’t test me”—her flirtatious voice rattled out—“I will kick that shit right into the end zone.”

“Why you got to be like that?” Darius stepped aside and slowly pushed the door open. “Guess I made the mistake of thinking you like me, I won’t do it again.” He then turned swiftly and ran out of her room.

Damn it she thought I should of

Don’t worry, it isn’t over yet.


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