The scorpion and the butterfly.

Of a jocund pleasance; a winter’s sail—
came the great and magnificent tale,
of whom, a dyad; from hill and sea,
wouldst arise a time and come to be.

Son of scorpion, hailed as mightily!
Daughter of butterfly; scribed as free,
come together—expeditious and quietly
to the plateau of brume and tree.

And the gentle rain consuming fairly well,
of a river filled with yesterday’s incertitude,
while the scorpion is drunk from a spell,
and the butterfly confines to servitude.

But then, one day, the spell would break,
the river would empty into the forest,
the scorpion braved the winter and lake,
to save the butterfly from fate and Taurus.

by J.M. Duell


3 thoughts on “The scorpion and the butterfly.

  1. I like this poem, especially of careful selection of words. Something different from what I’ve read on wordpress. It’s also interesting, in astrology Taurus and Scorpio signs are exactly opposite 180 degrees. 🙂

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