Of silence and snow: a Winter tale.

An enervating of reverie—these dark seas;
a sunlit valley of snow and trees,
chamber of mine quondam self,
containment of balmy disease upon shelf;- at ease
“we will rest by fire and lake
with the bastard and ‘is snake.”

The malodorous figure emerged—
the quietude of stream diverged,
and in silence I cried, unaware,
precede from opulence to thine lair,
“fine day for acrimony!” I confess,
thence became of it in complete egress.

The motion of transparency retracts,
break from breve and commingled acts,
a thunder now overturns the equanimity,
and they will succumb to its unanimity,
but we, I, and me … will seize a breath,
beyond the valley of snow and death.


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