While lost doleful fields of fire and foggy streets of funereal despondency; a scintilla of solicitude guided its way using only a mere infinitesimal of glow to lead him. Through the door, I thence aligned my eyes his—an intense brown hue beyond a thick of raven hair—contently staring inward to my very soul. Behind him wrapped the moonlit sky sprinkled with a breath of trickling snow that twinkled like the stars of a deep midnight. I pressed the door open wide; all I could offer him was but a mere glass of water. For I was surviving with nothing more than the clothing on my back and a checkered box filled of charcoals and several sheets of blank paper.

He said to me; “I need nothing more than your love true.”

Late during that lugubrious season ‘neath that very full moon my walls began to disintegrate before my disbelieving eyes. The new warmth compressed within this one scorpion soul had begun to loosen those very strong metal prison bars I had lived biding a lifetime behind. I said to him: “I exhausted a myriad of somber days trapped within this very cage, and all I have is gone to sea lost within the abyss. I do not know how to repay you for loving me.”

He said; “My love, don’t you see, you have everything you need right here in front of you, and you are everything I ever need” and then he took my hand and set me free.

For weeks, it felt like just a reverie; I was now alive, I was free, I was allowed to just be and though the fear became an anchor, I finally began to see. Here he was, the object of my every dream, the very soul that appeared to me, and the rush of air ‘neath my wings ascending me beyond the fog and snow. Once I sat with open eyes, my very breath escaped me. My mind had prepared me for his arrival for years; first in song, and later in dreams. How could I possibly deserve him I thought: the tears began to run down my cheek as the visions began to flood my thoughts. The overwhelming realization collapsed me to the very floor below, and there I wept until the butterflies returned.

This very man of thick raven hair with shining brown eyes was the other half of me. How deep my love does exist, I know he will never see, but I also know that he must somehow feel the intensity radiating out of me. Just the sight of him would turn my somber existence alive with the sun and my heart soars the skies forever blue. He would never realize he is the sun, the stars, the moon and the whole world, too. He is the heartbeat, the senses, and the whole of me through. When he comes to me in reveries; he is like the passionate treasures of Shakespeare’s sonnets and the infinite beauty of Chopin’s concertos and just his arms enveloping me feels like the power of Tesla’s electricity racing through my veins. If only he could one day see this well kept depth of me, he would know the completion of his soul.

Dear scorpion, don’t you see? You are everything to me.


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