10577107_790723627616563_8322218571445775115_nJ M Duell is an American author, photographer and illustrator whom resides in Upstate New York. Her autobiography ‘Scarred Butterfly’ which discusses her survival of two decades of spousal abuse is due to be released in the summer of 2016. Her short story ‘What Has Kenneth Done!’ was selected in a contest to appear in a fictional anthology. Her short story ‘The Sot of Bereaved Seas’ has recently won a place in the upcoming publication as well as another short story in which she penned behind her secret pseudonym. J is also a current author and creative partner for the online magazine NPS FOCUS (a magazine released from the National Paranormal Society) J was one of the many winners of NaNoWriMo 2014 and plans to publish the novel in the near future. In support of her fellow indie author and great friend; Damon Norko, she scribed a professional review of his compelling novel entitled ‘The Delilah Factor’  In February of 2012, chief publisher Scotty Roberts of ‘Intrepid magazine’ published her article on the controversy surrounding the Mayan calendar entitled ‘2012: A Makeshift of Myth’ Jen has scribed several heavily researched educational articles which have been published at the National Paranormal Society as well as conducted a personalized interview with the award winning author Micheal Rivers, a fellow paranormal investigator. Outside of her creative achievements, Jen is studying parapsychology and conducting sleep studies on herself. She is also studying demonology and abnormal psychology.



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