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Today in the United States, an average of 20 people are being physically abused by an intimate partner every minute. Many of them are women who feel there have no choice but to stay in the abusive relationship.

For over two decades, author Jeni Duell stayed in an
abusive relationship. For nineteen of those years, she didn’t think she could get out. She felt like she was stuck, in a prison. But she had a shift, and with that was able to successfully get out. And now she shares how she did it.

Scarred Butterfly is Duell’s personal experience, written to show people that there truly is a way out. Her experience is, unfortunately, not at all unique; but this book has the mission to show what she went through and overcame so that many others can do the same.

Jeni Duell is a decorated author having produced short stories such as What Has Kenneth Done, The Sot of Bereaved Seas as well as several published articles. With most of her works being fiction, her decision to release Scarred Butterfly, an autobiographical piece centered around her personal experience with domestic abuse, shows a different side to this creative writer.