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Author Jeni Duell Announces Empowering New Book

Published on March 3, 2016

Decorated author Jeni Duell shares her story of surviving decades of domestic abuse with her new book “From Night to Light”. Scheduled for a Summer 2016 release, Duell hopes her story will help give those trapped in abusive relationships the inspiration and empowerment needed to overcome them.

No stranger to the written word, Jeni Duell has is a decorated author having produced short stories such as What Has Kenneth Done, The Sot of Bereaved Seas as well as several published articles. With most of her works being fiction, her announcement to releaseFrom Night To Light, an autobiographical piece centered around her personal experience with domestic abuse, shows a different side to this creative writer.

“Someone who was in my position doesn’t think they can get out.” Duell explains. Having been in an abusive relationship spanning over two decades, she shares first-hand how trapped a person can feel. “I didn’t think I could get out for 19 of those years. I was really trying to, but I didn’t think I could. I know that mindset. You’re just really stuck, like it’s a prison.”

With an average of 20 people per minute being physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States (source: Duell’s story carries significant personal and social relevance. “It took me a long time to overcome what I was going though, but I want to help others see that [being trapped] isn’t the case. If I could relate to someone else’s experience, share what I went through and how I overcame it, I think that would really help a lot of people.”

From Night To Light is scheduled for release in Summer 2016.


Media Contact
Company Name: Revolution Media Publishing
Contact Person: Alex Changho
Phone: 980-339-2408
Country: United States



Dialogue between Ghost and Girl

From the author of ‘What Has Kenneth Done!’ a short story which was featured in Starklight Press Volume 3, and current director of the fast growing paranormal group National Paranormal Society … This is a special collection of poetry by artist J.M. Duell who invites you to explore the conversations she’s had with her unseen travelers. ‘Dialogue Between Ghost and Girl’ explores the possibilities of maintaining a relationship with the spirits of nature. She touches on some deep subject matter on everything from pseudocide to touchy paranormal encounters. ‘Dialogue Between Ghost and Girl’ will leave you awake long into the night thinking about the possibility of ghosts as well as pretending to be one.





StarkLight Volume 3: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction [Kindle Edition]

Screenshot_1Alongside such amazing scribes as Veronica Robbins, Roxann Harvey, John J Higgins, G.W. Renshaw, Van Fleming, Virginia Carraway Stark, and Tony Stark … J. M. Duell invites you inside of the Graves hotel. “What has Kenneth Done!’ is a prequel to a novel I’d authored last Autumn—the corruption of big business and deception play a damning role in the dark mysterious past of a small New England town that is trying to boom at the turn of the 20th century. As new sins meet old; we follow Kenneth Hargraves as he struggles with the ghosts while becoming a part of the town’s most gruesome secrets that lie at the base of its successes. From Native American curses to money driven murder … ‘What has Kenneth Done!’ invites you along for a look into the foundation of Ahbasauk! A Town that stands proudly on murder and sin!”

This third anthology of speculative fiction from StarkLight Press is its edgiest, most mind-bending collection yet. Stories of ghosts, haunted objects, psychic powers and military interventions and forbidden love will ignite your imagination long after you’ve finished turning the pages.
Oh yes, there’s Altarean Fizz, too.

You can find more information on Starklight Press here: The Press

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(currently only available in Kindle market, but is coming to hard copy soon, stay tuned!)

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