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Once a writer, always a writer . . .
What would you do if you came back as a ghost? You could finally write that novel . . .
Meet Arnold Showalter, ghost.

At night, Arnold haunts the magnificent underground Crystal Caverns of Appalachia. But during the day, Arnold becomes The Ghost Writer, the first “literary voice from beyond the grave.” Yet before Arnold can capitalize on his fame, he must first exorcise the “ghosts” of his own past. And it is easy to become bitter when one is dead . . .

Fortunately, Arnold’s world is rocked when he meets Clarisse, a 15-year-old fatality of a car accident. Her fresh outlook and spunky energy awaken Arnold to the real possibilities of post-life existence. Clarisse inspires a quest that takes Arnold to the farthest reaches of the universe, and deep within himself.




Buy here The “War Between the Sexes” is over . . . the men won. There have been casualties. T

Screenshot_3here have been scars. There have been secrets . . . Enter Forrest Baxter: The “mystery man.” Is he just acting weird? Or has he stumbled onto a real mystery? Follow Forrest as he unwinds the truth of his strange alternate world, rediscovering love along the way.








Buy here Even a match made in Heaven can go awry. THE ARCHANGEL JARAHMAEL AND THE WARScreenshot_4 TO CONQUER HEAVEN is the epic three-part story of the Creation of the Universe, told from the perspective of the Angels themselves. The first book of the trilogy, IN THE BEGINNING describes the initial creation and the establishment of the Seven Heavens and the Nine Orders of Angels, but it also tells of the first Humans, Lillith and Adam. Although they are quite literally a match made in Heaven, free will wreaks havoc with destiny when Lillith falls in love with the Archangel Jarahmael. Can love, as the very essence of the almighty’s Universe, survive free will? Or will love, when exposed to an untethered will, rip the Universe apart, pitting Good against Evil in a battle for all?




Buy here Once again, horror master David C. Cassidy takes his readers into a realm of terror, a world unlike any other. With the inspired flair of Clive Barker and the pulse-pounding beat Screenshot_5of Stephen King, The Dark is a supernatural thriller that will leave you breathless, reminding us all that for all we desire there is always a price, the currency in suffering and sacrifice.








Buy here The mountains of the Appalachia abound with tales of ghosts and mysterious places. Covering 16 counties, 40 spine-Screenshot_6tingling stories will have you traveling the roads and paths of those who have walked before you and listening to their sorrowful tales. Along the way, visit The Hanging Tree in Cabarrus County, Battle Mansion in Buncombe County, Green River Plantation in Rutherford County, and the House on the Hill in Jackson County. Sit around the campfire and hear stories of lore about the legend of the Bald, the warning of the Hunter’s Moon, and the disappearance of an entire hunting party. Superstition, folklore, and the paranormal keep the spirits alive in the Appalachian region. Will you be the next one to visit with the ghosts of Cherohala?





Buy here This long-awaited biography recounts the journey of Screenshot_7Sasha Wheaton from colonist on an energy planet to one of the most influential soldiers in the Galaxy.

A GAF Mainframe novel featuring Sasha Wheaton, the intrepid field medic and First Lieutenant of Detach Detachment. (A part of The GAF Mainframe )






Buy here Little Gail London and her friend Joel Quarrel are out on a cold and lonely Screenshot_8morning at the end of summer, when they make the find of the century: a dead plesiosaur, the size of a two-ton truck, washed up on the sand. With the fog swirling about them, they make their plans, fight to defend their discovery, and face for the first time the enormity of mortality itself… all unaware of what else might be out there in the silver water of Lake Champlain.






Buy here Veronica has worked hard to become a private investigator. Her Screenshot_9first cases should be simple: a little surveillance, a couple of pictures, and get paid. The problems start with demonic dwarfs, impossible coins, vanishing furniture, a secret society, annoying telephones, and a pony show. Oh, and the chance that she will end up as livestock. The Stable Vices Affair is book one of The Chandler Affairs.







Buy here A compelling collection Screenshot_10of true tales of witness accounts of the ghosts along the Erie Canal.










Buy here A unique one-volume anthology which includes all of Wilde’s stories, plays, and poems. It also features a large portion of his essays and letters and an introduction by Wilde’s son, Vyvyan Holland.

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